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Meanwhile….I am reading a good book….I have others listed on my GoodReads page.  So many good books..I wish I had another pair of eyes and hands.  May you find something that brings you closer to discovering why God has put you here.


Here are some of my book reviews from

George Muller:

The Guardian of Bristol’s Orphans

Janet and Geoff Benge

How does a thief become a man who ultimately runs an orphanage that houses the poorest of London’s children in the 1800’s?  That is what you will find out as you turn the pages of this great book about a man who made the decision to use prayer in his life as the only solution for his problems.  From his self-centered youth to his unselfish advanced age, the reader is given a glimpse into the world of a hero who many may not have heard of.

He relied solely on prayer for the provision needed to house those in the direst situation of poverty. “In the sixty-three years he had run the orphanage, he had taken full responsibility for the care of over ten thousand orphaned children.”  And as astounding as that may seem, another passage states, “In his lifetime, nearly one and one-half million pounds passed through George Muller’s hands.”  This translates to $2.4 million dollars.  All of that money came into his presence by asking God to supply it, and without fail, it always showed up.

So, if you are struggling to pay your bills or if you worry about your finances, I would suggest giving this book a try.  It is a wonderful, uplifting story of a man who surrendered his own life to save the lives of little ones who had nothing.  It shuts off the noise of the world and brings the reader face to face with the idea that we are all here for a bigger purpose and plan.  It helps one to take his or her eyes off of oneself and see the grander scheme of things.

❤️ ❤️ ❤️


Four Phrases to Change the World

One Love to Bind them

by Paul Jackson

I know that certain books show up in my life to expand my understanding and to help me along my path.  I constantly find myself talking to God if not verbally but by a mental conversation as I go about my days.  Usually, my most prevalent prayer to the heavens is: “Help me”.  Often, the help I receive comes in the form of a book.  It is no secret I love to read and at times will have two or three good books loaded and ready to go in  my Kindle that I devour.  This book by Paul Jackson came along as I was on my Twitter account and noticed it was recommended by an author who has published books that have helped me in the past.

I had heard of the practice of Ho’oponopono before, but I hadn’t really ever explored what it meant.  In fact, I think my first encounter with it left me thinking it was a little odd.   But, when it showed up again I began to wonder if I shouldn’t take a peek at it.  I found that the root of this really is about turning oneself inward to the powerful divinity that has housed itself in us. There is a loving Creator who desires your very best, and if we align our thoughts and hearts with that, we can achieve great things.

Without giving the entire book away, I will tell you of my experience with it.  I sat quietly and began to think about my house.  I asked myself: What have my thoughts and words been about the current home I live in?  Am I grateful for it? Do I go out of my way to take care of it? Do I go on and on to others how much I love it? No. No and definitely no. So, I decided at that moment to change the way I was treating my house through word, thought, and action.

Now, this is where I might lose some of you, and believe me, I thought this was a little strange too, but it did make a difference.  I began by telling my house that I was thankful for it.  I said: House, I love you for sheltering my children and myself all these years.  I love you for your roof to your floorboards.  I love you for all the rooms that hold all the necessary things that we need to live in comfort.  I am sorry that I have not taken notice of how nice we do have it.  I am sorry that I have spoken badly about where we live and tell people that I am not happy with my home.  Please forgive my words.  Thank you, house, for keeping us safe.

In the process of telling my house this, I felt my words also going directly to God as well.  I felt a slight clearing away from the negative I had let fly out of my mouth.  I did this for a few mornings.  I didn’t just go through the motions either.  I really thought about all the little things that the house I live in does provide, and I tried to make note of that as I spoke.

After doing this for about a week, I noticed that when I cleaned my house, I felt less likely to complain about all the ‘chores’ I had to do.  I vacuumed, dusted, scrubbed the bathroom, cleaned out the gutters and washed windows inside and out.   I had a new energy toward my home.  This may sound weird, but I actually felt like I was taking care of a person who needed some help. Kind of like a child that had not been treated so nice, and now someone had come along to look after it properly.

Some would say: she is nuts!  And I would say: I don’t care.  I want to appreciate what I have.  I want to walk around feeling joy and peace in the place where I do spend so much time.  I used to say: It’s just a roof and some walls.  Now I say: I am grateful for it.

Do I now not want something better?  I wouldn’t say that.  But, complaining about what I have is only going to hinder moving on to what I think is better.  This is a process of finding that God wants the best for me, and I have the power to cooperate or not.  I am grateful for the new understanding, and I think you will be too.

❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Working With the Law

11 Truth Principles for Successful Living

by Raymond Holliwell

I love finding a book that was written before I was born.  I know that might sound weird, but it is wonderful to find spiritual truth that has continued to be relevant to the times I am living in now.  First published in 1964, Mr. Holliwell set out to help people move closer to the divine.  Because so many in his day had a less than positive experience when seeking God, he wrote this book using spiritual principles based on scripture with the mix of science that was proving and discovering what brilliant creations we are.  He states, “Every mind can develop greatness.  It is simply a matter of knowing how….do you wish to succeed?  You can.”

His desire was to explain to people in a simple format how to live the best life possible that God sent them here to experience.  Don’t let the word “law’ frighten you away.  Within the first few pages, it is explained that he was interchanging the word ‘God’ for ‘Law’ so that people would have an easier time grasping and understanding what he was presenting.  In essence, he thought that many readers would see the word ‘God’ and conjure up ideas that this was too big to comprehend.  So, instead, he chose the word law because we live and function as a society with many laws in place.  And, really, we follow the laws of our land without much thinking.  We know what our laws are, and if we wish to remain free, we abide by them.

This was his point in choosing that particular word so that “as we strive to work with the Law we are living closer to God, and such living brings a better understanding.”

I am on my second reading of this one.  And, for me, that is saying something.  I generally read a book and move on to another one right away.  For some reason, though, I am finding myself really wanting to absorb what is in this book and be sure to apply what he is teaching.

Whenever I am reading a book or listening to a speaker that I enjoy, if he or she mentions another author or book, I always follow that lead and find it.  I discovered Dr. Holliwell’s book while listening to an audio by Bob Proctor.  Since I am such a fan of his work, I thought I would read what inspired him.  It was a good decision to do so.  I encourage you to pick it up, give it a look and see if it doesn’t unlock your heart to those things that the Creator desires for you to have in your life.

❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Attract Money Now

By Joe Vitale

I decided to listen to this book on audio as I went out for nightly walks in my neighborhood once the heat of the day had passed.  Two nights before I was to leave for a week on a family vacation, I was listening to a chapter on giving and receiving.  Joe emphasized in this part of the book that a key to having a healthy relationship with money was to give some away.  I was walking along taking in all the words of the book and wondering who I should give some of my resources to.  Basically, the instructions were to give it to someone who inspired me or maybe to someone who I knew was in need.  As I pondered this, a very strong thought came to give a sum of money to the lady who would be caring for my two dogs while I was out of town.  She had immediately said she would help me when I asked her, and it was for a whole week she was willing to help me.  My dogs are like my children so I am very particular about their care.  None of this mattered to her and she asked me for nothing in return.  Once I finished my walk that night I knew I was to give her a certain amount of cash in a card and leave it as a surprise on our kitchen table for her to find.  I actually was going to use the money for another purpose, but once the idea came to use it in this way, I had to give it to her.

When I arrived at our travel destination, I received a text from her saying,

“Why would you put that much money in a card?  I am crying like a baby right now. Thank you so much!”

“Because.  You deserve it!”

“You have no idea.  I prayed last night that I could come up with the money for my electric bill. Again, God’s hands!”

“Now I AM crying!!!!” I responded.  I did..I cried all over my pizza I was having for lunch. “I cried yesterday wishing I could have given you more.”

“It is more than enough.  I am in shock!”

That was the best part of my whole trip, and this book inspired me to apply some action. I don’t know who was more blessed..her or me!  What a great feeling to be used in this way to help out someone who needed it.  That is one of the lessons I learned from Joe’s book.  I encourage you to give it a read or a listen.  It will change your mind about money and put you in a good frame of mind to go from lack to abundance.

❤️ ❤️ ❤️

You Were Born Rich

by Bob Proctor

The title itself is enough for anyone to want to read it, don’t you think?   I know this sounds a little strange, but the author’s voice throughout the book reminded me of a wise person who should have been my grandfather.  This book is non-fiction, but some of you might be saying, “Are you sure?”  It sounds far-fetched, but if you consider yourself a believer in a Creator, then Bob Proctor says that you are God’s most valuable and best creation!  How about that?  As each chapter went by, I found myself filled with hope and the idea that we are all here for a purpose. We just have to figure it out.  And, that doesn’t have to be as daunting as it sounds. This book will open up your eyes to the fact that we are surrounded by abundance.  Look out your window right you see trees bursting with leaves?  Is it night where you are?  Can you see the stars?  Do you live by a beach or a body of water?  Look at all that sand! What about all that water?   See, there is evidence of abundance around you, and if you are that valuable in all of creation, why would you not get to live an abundant life?  You might be saying, “So, what is the catch?”  Here it is: you have to believe you CAN live better.  Uh-oh.. I found while reading this book that I have been my WORST enemy when it comes to thinking I deserve better.  What about you?  Do you think you should only have a little when really you can have a life that is full of meaning and purpose? Why do some people have such good lives while some don’t? Read this book to discover that you don’t have to be on the outside looking in.  Here is the best part: Once you figure out how to make your life better, you can reach out your hand and help make it better for another.  Now, get reading, friend!

❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Barbie and Ruth

The Story of the World’s Most Famous Doll and the Woman Who Created Her

by Robin Gerber

I thought this was a well-written book from start to finish. I especially appreciated reading about the timeline in history when certain toys were produced and the competition that grew between companies to outwit each other in the toy department. Many of the toys that exist on shelves today were developed and produced a long time ago yet still appeal to kids. The story of Ruth was honest and didn’t hold back any punches. However, after reading about Ruth’s personality to make it in a ‘man’s world’ she probably wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. There is a rough edge to the book all along the way as we watch Ruth progress up a ladder that not too many women had ever climbed. Yet, we find out that Ruth is human and has her struggles too. For all the tough exterior, Ruth did have tears and faced a time of great darkness.  As for Barbie and her role in Ruth’s life, the information in the book gave great details of how Barbie came to life through the determination of Ruth. While everyone was saying it wouldn’t work, Ruth forged ahead to give her doll life. There were times I found myself laughing along as I read, angry at some unfair circumstances that Ruth encountered and inspired by a lady who never took no for an answer. This book gave me the feeling that no matter what if a person perseveres all things are possible.

❤️ ❤️ ❤️

The Dressmaker

By Kate Alcott

If you are a fan of historical fiction and enjoy a book that intertwines a little fact with fiction, then this one is for you.   The author does a great job of drawing the reader in right from the beginning when a young girl named Tess boards a ship bound for New York to escape her life as a maid.  Tess dreams of new beginnings and has a natural skill for sewing and an eye for design, so when she finds herself being hired as Lucille’s assistant, her world changes instantly.

The tension is real during the first few pages of this book because the reader is aware of what is about to happen.  The big, beautiful ship that seems so glamorous to Tess is about to crash sending her life off into another direction.  The contrast that is made between the ‘haves and the have-nots’ is quite apparent from the beginning.  While the elegant spend their time on the upper part of the vessel, Tess and the poor passengers are down below crammed together in a tiny space.   Tess is introduced to the society above with its allure of jewels and mink stolls.

Besides the fate of the Titanic, the author introduces us to a love story, a media frenzy and how equality has been a fight not only between the classes but men and women throughout history.  I often read books along with my teen daughter who is enrolled in a private school online. They encourage their students to read material in good standing..meaning ‘clean books’ that don’t promote a lot of violence, swearing or adult situations.  I applaud this author for writing a novel that brings the reader back in time and sets itself apart from the modern way of  ‘grossing’ out the audience with descriptive love scenes that don’t require a lot of higher thinking.  I guess what I am trying to say is this, if I am going to engage in reading fiction, I don’t want it to waste my time reading trashy scenes, I want to be entertained, and I want to learn something.  This novel delivers all of those elements.

I found this title on GoodReads and was so impressed that there are others like me out there who prefer reading material without a lot of ‘junk’ woven in.  Now, where is my next book??

❤️ ❤️ ❤️



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  1. Hi Christine,

    Thanks for taking the effort to recently follow my blog. I hope you found it informative and inspiring.

    I also noticed you do book reviews. I’m an author of a couple of books and was wondering if you might be interesting in reviewing one or both of them. I’d be more than happy to send you a free ebook or hardcopy. You can take a peak at them at

    Thanks again,


    • Joseph,
      I took a look at the samples and would like to start first with the title, “The Subconscious, the Divine and Me.” I think ebook would work the best. Let me know how I would go about that.


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