Keep the Faith

I often read into the wee hours of the night, and many times I fall asleep with my Kindle on my face.  Do you ever do that?  Then, when you wake up, you can keep reading where you left off!  I have found that I am a better writer because of the amount of time I have spent reading.  I encourage you not only to read my short little quips here, but find a good book and give it a go.  You will be glad that you did.  I have found that the best time spent is filling the mind with uplifting, positive stories that make the reader into a better person by filling him or her with hope.   One of the best quotes I have adhered to is this: What a man thinks in is heart, so is he.  Now, at first glance that may seem rather Shakespearean, but really it isn’t.  Whatever you think about, that is what you eventually become.  Does the gravity of that statement hit you?  If not, read it again. WHATEVER you think about takes up residence in your heart.  If you think you can amount to something, you will.  If you tell yourself you can’t, you won’t.  If you think the world is full opportunity it is.  If you think everyone is out to get you, they will be. Get the picture?  So, one of the BEST ways to keep your heart full of the right stuff is to read material that will make you think in the most positive way possible.  It actually can be quite the fight for some of us not to think in a negative direction.  Worry comes easy.  Fear jumps out of nowhere and assaults us when we least expect it.  One way to stop all that nonsense going on is to read inspiring stories that raise your hope, lift your spirit and make you realize that there is nothing you cannot accomplish.  Think about those things..that are lovely, pure and right!

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  1. What Victoria said… although I’ll edit it to say “exactly what I need right now”. Amazing how that works, eh? I have a need, God supplies it. Thank You!

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